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If you are expecting a baby or know someone who is, you'll want to know all about our hugely discounted designer baby items in Howll, NJ. At The Kids Stop Children's Clothing Consignment store, we offer a huge selection of everything you need for your new baby from changing tables, cradles and baby swings through to infant car seats and booster seats. There's always so much to think of when you first find out you are pregnant. Although it may be a beautiful time in your life, it can also be hugely expensive! 

At The Kids Stop Children's Clothing Consignment Store, we give our local customers the option of selling their barely used baby things so that we can pass the discounted prices on to you! We only accept branded, top quality products and clothing and you're always assured the very best quality and value when you shop in our store. There's a myriad number of items you need to buy for babies and a lot of those items relate to transporting them around. In your car, you have to ensure your seating arrangements are age-appropriate and so you'll be happy to know we have a great variety of the best in infant and toddler car seats available that meet all safety standards and requirements. 

Everything you can possibly need for a baby is under our roof. What's better is that you'll get huge discounts on your baby items without sacrificing on quality at all!